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December 1, 2010
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Note: I know I change the size of some of the pokemon only to better suit the story.

Reed had been a pokemon trainer ever since he was fourteen. That was about two years ago. He is now sixteen already nearing seventeen in less than three months. He remembered his first pokemon he had started with. It was a treecko now a grovyle. He had never been truly fond of his grovyle though. His true partner was salamence. He met salamence when he was only a bagon. With grovyle, cacnea, vibrava, seviper, and sealeo he was well prepared to capture bagon. During the battle the hard-headed pokemon proved to be a worthy adversary taking out cacnea. It then evolved in midst of the battle. Reed then took his chance. He threw a pokeball right a bagon. It popped open. Red light engulfed the evolving bagon, and sealed it inside. Reed stared at the little red blinking on the ball. He had sweat coming down his face. He continued to stare unblinking, until finally after a minute or two it stopped. He walked over, and picked it up. Smiling Reed threw his arm up and yelled,"Alright a bagon!" he chanted excitedly. "No wait right a shelgon", he corrected himself.

Til this day he has never stopped using Shelgon even when it evolved into a Salamence. The pokemon however was difficult to satisfy. Unfortunately, Reed had caught a shelgon with an insationable appetite. Most of the time Salamence would eat the wild pokemon before Reed could attempt to catch it. Reed would become frustrated, but would often get over it. Salamence would also try to eat some of Reed's food. This would tick Reed off as he too was always very hungry. No matter how much Salamence made Reed mad Reed would still love Salamence. He could feel a bond between him and his Salamence. One that he felt he couldn't live without.

Salamence on the other hand never really knew Reed. He knew that Reed was his partner, and his friend. He could often feel Reed's emotions. Whenever Reed was agitated it made Salamence chuckle a bit, though you couldn't tell. He found Reed to be an interesting human. Salamence as far as he could remember never reallly paid attention to humans much. They always seemed so....awkward to him, some even violent. But no Reed was different to him, different from the others. To him at least he was. Reed was kind and enthusiastic all the time. No matter how mad Salamence got him, he would never act in anger. Salamence even admits that he sometimes tried. But he mostly does not intend to aggrivate Reed.

One day Reed was wondering through a forest near Fortree city. He finally came out to a grassy plain. He was very much hoping to find a good pokemon, and prayed that Salamence didn't eat it first. Though he mostly found linoones, and other small pokemon. He occasionally came across a tropius eating fruit from the trees. Tropius were good pokemon, but it wasn't what he was looking for. He searched more, and as if in praise for perserverence an absol appeared. He had heard of these pokemon before, but had never seen one. Absols are suppose to have some strange instinct for disaster, and very rare. This was his chance to catch one. He took a pokeball from his belt, and threw it up. "Alright Salamence, let's do this", he yelled. The ball popped open, and out came red light forming the shape of Salamence. As soon as Salamence had landed, the absol had already anticipated the attack. With its sharp bladed head it used its razor wind attack. "Look out", Reed yelled. But it was too late the glowing air blades crashed against Salamence. Luckily it only made him flinch."Use flamethrower Salamence", Reed encouraged. With a roar Salamence launched the burning fire right at the absol. The absol was swift however, it quickly evaded and countered with slash. It cut right across Salamence's right front thigh. Again Salamence cringed, but was not ready to give up. "Dang it", Reed said under his breath. He needed to formulate a plan. "Alright take flight and use flamethrower again", Reed commanded. And again Salamence did so releasing a wind of flame directly at the absol. Absol shot to the right, came up to Salamence, and prepared for another slash counter attack. "Now use dragon claw", Reed shouted. As the absol jumped it was left vulnerable. With no way of manuever it couldn't dodge the oncoming dragon claw. It hit home directly into its target's body. The absol fell, and hit the ground. Slowly it got back up, swaying a bit. Most other pokemon would have been incapacitated, but this one was not ready to give up. In last effort the absol used thunder. Dark clouds immediately appeared, and lightning came from them. "Quick use dragon breath", Reed insisted. Salmence was ready when he was struck by one of the lightning bolts caused by the thunder attack. Salamence became paralyzed from the shock. The absol however, was too tired to move and merely kept up on the attack."Salamence", Reed called out. Finally Salamence regained control over his body. "Atta' boy now use dragon breath", Reed commanded. But something was wrong, Salamence did not use dragon breath. Instead Salamence shot straight for Absol.

Absol could still only barely move. It tried to turn and run, but was caught midway. Its body was now in the jaws of Salamence. "No Salamence don't", Reed called out. But Salamence didn't listen. He threw the absol right into a wall as hard as he needed. The absol smashed straight into it leaving a small hole. Reed knew what was going to happen. He swiftly reached inside his bag, and pulled out a pokeball. He was running out of time as Salamence grabbed the upper torso of its victim, and shoved it greedily into its mouth. Reed threw the ball hoping to at least be able catch the absol's feet. But his hope was in despair as his Salamence dragged the rest of the absol into its mouth while swallowing the head and shoulders. The pokeball caught nothing, and fell to the ground. Reed looked towards the ground in disappointment and shame for his pokemon. By now Salamence had finished his meal, and turned back towards Reed. Reed became frustrated again. He had gathered up all the anger and frustration he had had over his time with Salamence. He immediately burst out in anger," Why did you have to go and do that, hunh! You know I wanted to catch that absol so bad, yet you went and ate it anyway. Sometimes I wonder what you think....sometimes I really wish we had never met." This caused Salamence to flinch in astonishment. Reed the one he could always count on was driving him away. This hurt Salamence a lot, and fed his own anger. Reed turned his back to Salamence, and was preparing to walk off. However he was cut short as his head shoulders were suddenly grabbed surrounding him in a dark, wet place. The sudden horror came to him. He was being eaten by his own friend. Salamence's tongue dragged in Reed down to his upper thighs as Reed was being massaged against the slimy tongue. Reed's head was already nearing Salamence's huge expending throat. "No wait, Salamence stop please!" he yelled catching saliva in his mouth. Salamence didn't listen. He brought his head up letting the rest of Reed slide in, closing his jaws with it. Reed tried to fight, hitting and kicking at everything around him, but he only slipped and slid around. He continued as he entered the throat, but gave up as the muscles were too powerful. Salamence gave one final swallow taking his friend down his esophagus to his stomach. As he slid down warn slippery gullet, Reed thought about what he had done and said. Reed soon found himself in Salamence's stomach. He could barely sit up, and just laid down on the warm, slimy, bed of flesh. He was deeply regretful of what he had said to Salamence. Perhaps he deserved to be eaten for it. In a clear tone, soft voice, trying to speak heart to heart  Reed said,"Salamence...I'm sorry. I shouldn't have yelled at you like that. I guess I was just upset. I'm glad to have you, no I'm glad to be friends with you. I really am glad that we met." As Reed closed his eyes, he wondered if you could find the absol in Salamence's stomach and try and capture it. But before he was able to make a decision, he fell asleep overcome by the heat and humidity.

Suddenly Reed woke up to find himself lying under Salamence's left wing. Salamence had released Reed, obviously moved by the words he had spoken. Reed was still covered in saliva, but didn't care. All that mattered was that he was alive, and by his friend's side. Reed had noticed it was only the beginning of dark. It meant that he hadn't been out for that long, and still found himself tired. Salamence opened his eyes, brought up his head, and stared down at Reed. Reed stared back up into Salamence's eyes, and tried to speak. But before he could Salamence nodded his head, as if to say,"I know don't worry I forgive you". "Me too buddy", Reed said. Salamence brought up his right wing to reveal a sleeping absol. Reed's mouth flew open."But how", he managed to get out. Salamence smirked in boast. "Thanks", Reed said as he pulled out a pokeball. He threw directly at absol, sealing it inside. Within seconds the beeping of the ball stopped. Absol had been captured. And with that Reed took one last look at Salamence, and went back to sleep.

The end
Hope you like it I'm not used to making ones on stuff I don't know too much about.
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great story
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lol now if only things like this happened in the show too. :)  After all you got to wonder what some Pokemon that don't eat berries eat. :)
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Awesome job!! Love it!!
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