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August 3, 2013
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Voreality Guidelines:

Note: One is not required to roleplay within the chat and may very well simply meet others and plan towards roleplay sessions as they wish. Open World and private roleplays may occur in the chat, however in the event confusion becomes an issue then private chats may be required to relocate.

Update: Strive to the best of your ability to popularize the chat.
Update: Though it is not required, it is preferred that members strive to assume roles as predator and prey within the chat, whether varying with character, form or otherwise.

1) Upon noting that this a public group and may very well contain those who are either unfit or uncomfortable with particular forms of desires, roleplays, gestures, conversation, etc. any involvement of scat or content that may cause someone discomfort in roleplays even in mere suggestion shall result in the participating users to be required to relocate their RP session to private chat if an individual states they are discomforted. These may very well include: Hard vore especially, inflation, bursting, latex(nonsexual), transformation(nonsexual), massive bulging, smaller predators than prey, same size predators and prey, detailing digestion, sadism, etc. Otherwise, once relocated all respects of the RP are subject to the views and decisions of the participants. Certain acts/as well the discussion and gestures are however restricted
from this chat, including most if not all forms of erotica: Sexual vores, yiff, intercourse, pregnancy, masturbation, domination(sexual), latex(sexual) birth, etc.

2) Respect each individual as well their comforts, emotions, perspectives[to an extent], etc. within the chat.

3) Any attempt to twist the intended and implied meanings of the rules shall result in being banned, in that please allow yourself to present your arguments of 'interpreting the rules differently' to a brick wall.

4) Constant excessive swearing and cursing shall not be tolerated, and shall result in the loss of the individual's ability to post messages.

5) Spamming shall equally result in the loss of being able to post messages, further attempts to spam are subject to the consequences of being permanently banned. Text stretching and/or ALL CAPS qualifies as spamming, "TTTTHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSS" is not acceptable.

6) Fighting is entirely prohibited, excluding fights within roleplays. Should any form of commotion at all occur, matters shall be settled in the punishment of all parties involved, namely by kicking or possible ban.

7) Proper manners are required, any attempts to troll or become embellished and sarcastic with foul intent shall result in being banned. Tone proves to be difficult to perceive in the chat, common text variations and emoticons are not satisfactory enough.

8) Drama and the discussion of certain life/personal matters or issues(They will be determined by experience and what appears) are prohibited, the occasional upset may however be noted. Attempt to remain as positive as you are able.

9) You are required to bear the creator within your Skype contacts in order to maintain status as a member of the group chat(s).

10) Permission is required before entering another's roleplay session. Permission from all participants are required in the event a private group RP ensues within the chat.

11) In times where the group chat is cluttered with many active members, please attempt to keep small talk to a minimum or address the others in private chats or 1 on 1 contact directly.

12) Respect and follow the guidelines as well as the enforcement of them by the creator and masters. In the event you have an issue with another user, whether they be a master or otherwise, or have an inquiry, please contact either me, or another master. When presented with such cases of complete abuse and intolerable behavior, please provide proof with an image screenshot or video.

13) Excessive leaving and demand to rejoin the chat shall result in a temporary or permanent ban, I am becoming quite fatigued of viewing individuals constantly part and then pester to once more be added unto the chat, "Hey can you add me back?" "Hey can you add me back?" "I left lol, but I don't know why." "Guess I just felt like leaving." Not acceptable, no exceptions. In the event notifications are proving irritable, kindly utilize the "/alertsoff" command within the group, or simply right click and select disable group notifications.

Individual privileges protected by the guidelines may be lost upon one's breaking of the rules.

Voreality Uncensored Guidelines:

Guidelines are to be considered as the same as the original Voreality chat, however now exclusive content is welcomed for those who are not discomforted by it. Similar rules of consideration and comfort are likely to be enforced, however it is subject to variation.

Matters that are now welcomed: Sexual vores, yiff, latex(sexual), intercourse, pregnancy, birth and rebirth, domination, etc.

Note: Branches of Voreality in which exist as oriented unto particular franchises/universe
retain, in addition with the above guidelines, a loose restriction towards striving to remain within the boundaries of the relative universe/franchise. In example: Pokemon universe, strive to utilize a pokemon form in utmost priority. You are more than welcome to request to be added unto a branch rather than the main versions of the chat.


Members = all within the chat excluding that of myself.
N/A = Within wavering construction

Voreality(Main chat) population: x members
Voreality[Uncensored] population: x members

Pokemon Voreality population: x members
Pokemon Voreality[Uncensored] population: x members
*Fakemon as well hybrids/fusions are welcomed within the chats
-Listing of all pokemon:…

Dragon's Voreality population: x members
Dragon's Voreality[Uncensored] population: x members
*Within terms of dragonkin: dragons, draconagas, dracotaurs, sea serpents, wyverns, wyrms, etc.
*Disallowed: "Part dragon", "contains dragon DNA", "has some draconic features", etc.

Guidelines are also present upon the chat itself.
A recent vore chatroom in which I have started upon Skype quite some time ago, though unfortunately it remains little in activity as many are preoccupied and unable to find others to join as I have.
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shadowgigan2000 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New member
Can i join?
ForTheLoveOfButts Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014
I wonder what happened?
QuietProFesional Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2014  Professional Writer
I would like to join? But I'm just curious about rule 9, what do you mean exactly about 'bare my contacts to the creator' (also you spelt bare wrong in rule 9, you said Bear the animal)
NirvanaDraavon Featured By Owner Edited Nov 8, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
...not at all...

verb: bear; 3rd person present: bears; past tense: bore; gerund or present participle: bearing; past participle: borne
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    "he was bearing a tray of brimming glasses"
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    • have or display as a visible mark or feature.
      "a small boat bearing a white flag"
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      "the bag bore my name"
    • be called by (a name or title).
      "he bore the surname Tiller"
    • carry or conduct oneself in a particular manner.
      "she bore herself with dignity"
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      formalcomport oneself
      "he bore himself with confidence"
  2. 2.
    "walls that cannot bear a stone vault"
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    "will it bear his weight?"
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    • be able to accept or stand up to.
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Why not establish an absolute of certainty prior to attempting to correct one's utilization of a term?

QuietProFesional Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2014  Professional Writer
Okay... Sorry my bad...
NirvanaDraavon Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
It is fine I would surmise, regardless simply allow me your skype within a note.
QuietProFesional Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2014  Professional Writer
okay... and sorry again Sweating a little...  I was so certain that I didn't think to check...
ZIEB Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2014
Can I join?
NirvanaDraavon Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Allow me your Skype within a note.
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